The Most Popular businesses in Ontario announced for 2021

on 07-01-2022 Tutors
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It’s official!

These are your Most Popular Tutors in Ontario for 2021.

Keep an eye out for the Top 25 Most Popular badge on listings in your local area. The businesses that display this badge on their listing have received a Top 25 Most Popular award.

Here are the Top 25 Most Popular businesses that offer Tutors in Ontario:

  1. The Princeton Review Canada
  2. Neighbour Note
  3. Sylvan Learning Centre Hamilton
  4. Capstone Learning
  5. Afrolatino Dance Company
  6. National Ballroom Academy
  7. Book Smart Tutors Inc.
  8. 88 Piano Keys
  9. Learning Tree Tutors
  10. Shaily Tutorials
  11. OREA Exam Tutoring
  12. The Royans Professional Vocal School/The Royans Institute For Non-Surgical Voice Repair
  13. Markham School of Dance
  14. Access Ballroom Dance Studio
  15. NSL Camps - English Camps for international students 8-19 years of age
  16. Tutors on Call
  17. Pathways Educational Services Inc
  18. Ballroom Dance Lessons
  19. A&A Tutoring
  20. Aaron's Math Tutoring
  21. Sylvan Learning Burlington
  22. On Site Languages
  23. Teachers To Go
  24. Alrowad Canadian Schools - Weekend Arabic Islamic Schools
  25. Leapfrog Learning Tutors

We return each year with a new ranking of businesses that have received a Most Popular award! It changes every year, so to keep a finger on the pulse for the best businesses in your area, stay tuned for the current Top 25 Most Popular rankings.

For more information on these Awards and how we calculate these rankings, please read our Top 25 FAQ’s.